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Episode 92 – Mir Shahid Satar – Inspiring role model and compassion in nascent social entrepreneurs: does education matter?

The study examines the influence of inspiring role model (IRM), social entrepreneurship (SE) compassion, and the SE education and their interactions and consequences for nascent SE behaviour. Utilizing a quantitative survey approach, the study acquired a total of 136 valid responses from nascent social entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia. The data analysis through partial least square structural equation modelling (SmartPLS 3.0) revealed that IRM exposure has an impact on nascent SE behaviour, and that SE compassion is a valid predictor of nascent SE behaviour. SE education was observed to have an indirect impact on nascent SE behaviour through SE compassion, while its direct effects on nascent SE behaviour were not proven. Meanwhile, SE compassion was determined to not be a mediator of the effects of IRM on nascent SE behaviour. The study generates several academic and managerial implications while providing a framework for furthering research on SE behaviour.

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