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This show opens a new path for sharing entrepreneurship scholars contributions to the Entrepreneurship & Regional Development International Journal.

This show is the place where ERD International Journal will share the voice of the new contributors. Any time ERD will publish an article, authors will have the opportunity to record a podcast to sum up the article and communicate on a new channel.

For each published paper, the social media editor contact the authors and record a 10 to 15 minutes podcast based on the contribution: the purpose, the main findings, the methodologies… By doing so our aim is to share in a new way to the usual audience and also to create new impact for each research published in ERD.

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Episode 60 – Robert Smith – Conceptualising animation in rural communities: the Village SOS case

This paper introduces and discusses the concept of animatorship in relation to rural enterprise and development. At its simplest level, animatorship is the art of animating others to achieve...

Episode 58 – Hans Rawhouser & Silvio Vismara – Blockchain and vulnerable entrepreneurial ecosystems

Blockchain technology is expected to have many far-reaching effects on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity. In this paper, we explore blockchain technology from the perspective of vulnerable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Specifically,...

Episode 57 – Sakura Yamamura & Paul Lassalle – Intersecting where? The multi-scalar contextual embeddedness of intersectional entrepreneurs

We explore the experiences of LGBT* ethnic minority entrepreneurs, their changing locations and their entrepreneurial activities. Using a unique mixed-method approach which collected empirical data from Germany and the...

Episode 55 – Bengt Johannisson – Academic entrepreneuring as a long-term commitment to regional development

The practice of ‘academic entrepreneuring’ here signifies a scholar’s innovative, integrative and persistent mode of pursuing and integrating a university’s three tasks, those of doing research, teaching students and...