entrepreneurship education

Episode 70 – Signe Hedeboe Frederiksen & Lene Tanggaard – Learning to navigate the landscape of participation. On the initiation of students into practices of entrepreneurship (and) education

Practicing entrepreneurship is important for entrepreneurial learning in institutionalized education. However, research is attentive to how this challenges conventional learning arrangements and requires teachers and students to change familiar ways of relating and participating. In this study, we investigate the landscape of participation in a case of experiential entrepreneurship education for non-business postgraduate students. Employing…

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Episode 51 – Sarah Dodd & Serxia Lage-Arias & Karen Verduijn – Transforming enterprise education: sustainable pedagogies of hope and social justice

Building on Alistair Anderson’s work, this paper proposes transforming enterprise education to deeply address questions of sustainability, social justice and hope in our time of multiple and complex crises. New pedagogies, practices, vocabularies and connections help us to enact crises in entrepreneurial, ethical and creative ways, enabling us to remain hopeful in the face of…

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Episode 42 – Michela Loi – Rethinking and reconceptualising entrepreneurship education a legacy from Alistair Anderson

This paper aims to extend the theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship education by integrating several of the most relevant lessons from Anderson’s contribution into current conceptualizations. We identify three main dimensions of Anderson’s work useful for our purpose: conceptualization of entrepreneurship; network and social capital as mechanisms to explain entrepreneurship as a socially embedded phenomenon; and…

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