social entrepreneurship

Authors 36 – Subhanja Sengupta & Hanna Lehtimäki – Contextual understanding of care ethics in social entrepreneurship

The purpose of this paper is to add a contextual understanding of care ethics to the nascent literature on ethics in social entrepreneurship. To this end, an interpretive study of social bricoleur entrepreneurs in rural India is presented and the constitutive effects of the enactment of care ethics are articulated.

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Authors – E27 – Sandrine Stervinou & Julie Bayle-Cordier – Exploring the interplay between context and enterprise purpose in participative social entrepreneurship: the perceptions of worker cooperative entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship research views context as central to understanding entrepreneurship as a fluid social construction. Our study answers recent call to focus on a diversity of organizational forms to deepen theorizing and to broaden the domain of what is considered entrepreneurship. Worker cooperatives are a type of social enterprise under exposed in the entrepreneurship literature.

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