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Episode 87 – Josefina Jonsson – Exploring the social and spatial role of social media for community entrepreneurship

This study explores the dynamics of online community entrepreneurship, using a rural grocery store as a case study. I examine the role of social media in community entrepreneurship, revealing insights into the interplay between social interactions, spatial factors, and the entrepreneurial process. The case account outlines a process where online communities turn ideas into actions and shape local environments. Social media acts as a platform for collective effort, resource allocation, and coordination, challenging traditional notions of localized entrepreneurship. Three key themes emerge: social media facilitates communication and collaboration; collective agency empowers online communities for change; and the dynamic nature of context blurs the boundaries between local and online. I introduce the concept of ‘online community entrepreneurship’, which connects participants based on shared interests, promoting social goals and asynchronous engagement. This research enriches an understanding of community entrepreneurship by highlighting the transformative impact of online communities.

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