community entrepreneurship

Episode 87 – Josefina Jonsson – Exploring the social and spatial role of social media for community entrepreneurship

This study explores the dynamics of online community entrepreneurship, using a rural grocery store as a case study. I examine the role of social media in community entrepreneurship, revealing insights into the interplay between social interactions, spatial factors, and the entrepreneurial process. The case account outlines a process where online communities turn ideas into actions…

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Authors 34 – Nicoletta Buratti – Community enterprise, community entrepreneurship and local development: a literature review on three decades of empirical studies and theorizations

This paper reviews the literature on community enterprises (CEs), i.e. organizations that engage in commercial activity and operate for the development of a local community by bringing economic, social, and environmental benefits. In the face of widespread recognition of the positive role they play in impoverished territories, there is no general agreement on their very…

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