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Episode 80 – Bingbing Ge – An Entrepreneurship-as-practice perspective of next-generation becoming family businesses successors: the role of discursive artefacts

Family is the most important, yet under researched, dimension in family business research. Following recent calls in Entrepreneurship-as-Practice, we bring a practice-based approach to family business research to understand next generation engagement over extended periods in family life. Drawing on a culinary family business’s three published cookbooks, theorized as ‘discursive artefacts’, we examine how mundane family business practices can enable next generations to become successors. This study contributes to family business research with its re-focus on the family and offers new insights into practice theory-building in the emergent Entrepreneurship-as-Practice. Our findings illustrate how everyday practices in family lives – for example, cooking – can enable next generations’ becoming family business successors, through socializing, bridging, and leading.

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