Entrepreneurship as practice

Episode 80 – Bingbing Ge – An Entrepreneurship-as-practice perspective of next-generation becoming family businesses successors: the role of discursive artefacts

Family is the most important, yet under researched, dimension in family business research. Following recent calls in Entrepreneurship-as-Practice, we bring a practice-based approach to family business research to understand next generation engagement over extended periods in family life. Drawing on a culinary family business’s three published cookbooks, theorized as ‘discursive artefacts’, we examine how mundane…

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Episode 48 – Erik Melin – The moral of the story: ‘populism’ and ‘activism’ in entrepreneurship

This paper engages with the concepts of ‘populism’ and ‘activism’ in entrepreneurial storytelling in order to explain how entrepreneurship may be both an individual and a collective endeavour.

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