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Episode 40 – João Candeias – Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and distinguishing features of effective policies – an evidence-based approach

A generalized belief in entrepreneurship as a source of economic growth ensures sustained interest in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) concept, capturing the attention of governments and regional authorities. This has generated a plethora of public policies aimed at creating and developing EEs, frequently without solid theoretical and empirical foundations for its design, with consequent policies risking being ineffective. To address this, we develop theory through a systematic synthesis of qualitative studies, exploring a set of EEs, from different countries, dimensions, and characteristics. Our evidence-based approach diverges from extant studies that frequently examine a single ecosystem. The results of the systematic synthesis led us to propose a typology of ideal-types of intervention, the ecologist, the creator, the promoter and the landscaper. These provide a path towards the development of a better understanding of the type of dominant policy intervention in EE, also enabling the study of policy evolution and its alternative trajectories regarding future development. By using an evidence-based analysis, we enhance coherence through incorporating diverse perspectives not as conflicting or contradictory, but as part of a structured set of policymaking options. This sets a basis for future research, especially related to the evolution process, and provide evidence-based advice for practitioners.

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