Entrepreneurial ecosystems

Episode 58 – Hans Rawhouser & Silvio Vismara – Blockchain and vulnerable entrepreneurial ecosystems

Blockchain technology is expected to have many far-reaching effects on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity. In this paper, we explore blockchain technology from the perspective of vulnerable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Specifically, we look into how blockchain technology is affecting six domains of entrepreneurial ecosystems identified by prior researchers: policy, finance, culture, supports, human capital and markets.

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Episode 40 – João Candeias – Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and distinguishing features of effective policies – an evidence-based approach

A generalized belief in entrepreneurship as a source of economic growth ensures sustained interest in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) concept, capturing the attention of governments and regional authorities. This has generated a plethora of public policies aimed at creating and developing EEs, frequently without solid theoretical and empirical foundations for its design, with consequent policies…

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