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This show opens a new path for sharing entrepreneurship scholars contributions to the Entrepreneurship & Regional Development International Journal.

This show is the place where ERD International Journal will share the voice of the new contributors. Any time ERD will publish an article, authors will have the opportunity to record a podcast to sum up the article and communicate on a new channel.

For each published paper, the social media editor contact the authors and record a 10 to 15 minutes podcast based on the contribution: the purpose, the main findings, the methodologies… By doing so our aim is to share in a new way to the usual audience and also to create new impact for each research published in ERD.

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Episode 47 – Daniel Mahn – Contextualizing the knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship: the Chilean paradox

This research uses hierarchical linear modelling to test the KSTE in a developing-country context. By trying this theory on a different setting as is usually studied, we attempt to...

Episode 42 – Michela Loi – Rethinking and reconceptualising entrepreneurship education a legacy from Alistair Anderson

This paper aims to extend the theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship education by integrating several of the most relevant lessons from Anderson’s contribution into current conceptualizations. We identify three main...

Episode 40 – João Candeias – Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and distinguishing features of effective policies – an evidence-based approach

A generalized belief in entrepreneurship as a source of economic growth ensures sustained interest in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE) concept, capturing the attention of governments and regional authorities. This...