new venture creation

Episode 94 – Friedemann Polzin – Follow the money: funding acquisition processes of nascent ventures

Answering the call for more process-oriented research into the inception and development of companies, this paper analyses the funding acquisition process of nascent ventures. Based on optimal matching techniques combined with multinomial logistic regression, we identify how the most typical funding acquisition processes of nascent ventures evolve and identify in which circumstances ventures pursue the…

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Episode 89 – Francisco Liñan – Gender and sex in starting up: a social stereotype approach

This article analyses the influence of gender stereotypes in entrepreneurship by jointly studying the effect of gender-role orientation (GRO) and sex (women vs. men) on the entrepreneurial intentions (EI) and actions of individuals. Entrepreneurship is associated with the typical male stereotype in most societies, leading to a lower rate of women entrepreneurs. Our model builds…

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