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Episode 45 – Claire Champenois & Sarah Jack – A non-workshop on a socialized view of entrepreneurship: building and extending a community of practice for work on embeddedness

This article, in an act of transmutation or world-making, replaces a workshop that was envisioned between one of the authors and Alistair Anderson. It takes the form of a dialog with one of his main co-authors to retrospectively and analytically explore the collective work of Alistair on ‘embeddedness’. We find that Alistair initiated a scholarly community of practice on a socialized view of entrepreneurship (‘entrepreneuring’), the essence of which can be captured through the notion of embeddedness. We describe the emergence of this community, its key production phases, and highlight the main features and insights of its approach, which was never theorized as such. The article also presents possible theoretical extensions of this research by opening several research doors for future work.

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