Episode 95 – Isabel Diez-Vial & Jose Antonio Belso-Martinez – Regional emergency networks: how organizations shape technological collaborations under extreme conditions

The aim of this research is to undertake explorative research and present propositions that would identify the drivers of regional emergency networks, i.e. regional technological collaborative agreements under extreme conditions. Based on previous studies on emergency management, we empirically evaluate how 49 organizations built 53 technological cooperative agreements within the context of COVID-19. We consider…

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Episode 73 – Julia Korosteleva – Sectoral digital capabilities and complementarities in shaping young firms’ growth: evidence from Europe

We explore how digitalization impacts young firms’ growth. A longitudinal panel analysis of the EU’s new ventures during 2010–2018 reveals that digital sectoral capabilities affect young firms’ growth autonomously and via interaction with other sectoral capabilities. Digital sectoral capabilities play an important complementary role in facilitating the upscaling of young firms operating in R&D-intensive contexts…

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Episode 69 – Caroline Stiel – German financial state aid during Covid-19 pandemic: Higher impact among digitalized self-employed

In response to strong revenue and income losses facing a large share of self-employed individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic, the German federal government introduced a €50bn emergency-aid program. Based on real-time online-survey data comprising more than 20,000 observations, we analyze the impact of this program on the confidence to survive the crisis. We investigate how…

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