practice theory

Episode 101 – Patrick Gregori – Entrepreneuring as provocation and its critical capacity: problematizing and establishing meanings of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an elusive phenomenon and its meaning has been vigorously debated. This study seeks to contribute to critical perspectives on entrepreneurship by investigating how entrepreneuring participates and intervenes in the dominant discourse, and thus, in the practices that constitute meaning. To explore this crucial question, I use the framework of entrepreneuring as a mode…

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Episode 86 – Richard Harrison – Margins of intervention? Gender, Bourdieu and women’s regional entrepreneurial networks

n this paper, we apply a feminist interpretation and an extension of Bourdieu’s theory of practice to explore the gap in our understanding between gender gap issues – the institutionalized and structural inequalities that underpin the differential access to resources by women and men – and women business owners. Drawing on an interpretivist analysis of…

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