Episode 96 – Luca Castellanza – Types, determinants, and outcomes of entrepreneurial behaviours during crises

Entrepreneurs usually have several means at their disposal to deal with and overcome adverse circumstances, ranging from simple non-resourceful coping strategies to more elaborate resourceful behaviours. However, entrepreneurs who find themselves in conditions of prolonged adversity and disadvantage have few effective possibilities to withstand sudden adversity such as crises and income shocks. Based on these…

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Episode 46 – Monica C. Lent – Entrepreneuring in necessity contexts: effecting change among widow entrepreneurs in Northern Ghana

This article explores if and how the entrepreneuring efforts of an endogenous NGO can entrepreneurially empower widow necessity entrepreneurs living in extreme poverty in a rural area of Northern Ghana. In reconceptualizing necessity entrepreneurship as engagement in necessity contexts, three main context specific actions and processes were foregrounded: values-based action focus, upskilling by boundaried choice;…

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