Episode 102 – Dimo Dimov – Capitalizing the future: opportunity capital as symbolic significance of an entrepreneur’s future-venture story

This paper explores how a future – as something that can only be imagined but can inspire entrepreneurial action – can attract economic capital. We integrate Dor’s (2015) model of language as a communication technology for the instruction of imagination with Bourdieu’s theory of practice to account for how an entrepreneur’s words can hold sway…

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Episode 81 – Farsan Madjdi – Entrepreneurial opportunities as expressions of personal identities: interpretative engagement through personal value structures

Entrepreneurial identities have a significant influence on new venture emergence. Yet, an entrepreneur’s (meaning-constructing) interpretive engagement with situations such as entrepreneurial opportunities remain relatively unexplained. This paper explores how entrepreneurs’ personal identities influence their interpretive engagement with entrepreneurial opportunities. We presented 34 entrepreneurs with three business scenarios and, using verbal protocols and content analysis techniques,…

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