human capital

Episode 84 – Vivien Lefebvre – Employment growth and profitability in European SMEs: the 100% speed limit

We investigated the relationship between employment growth and profitability and propose that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) hire employees, they experience an increase in profitability due to their acquisition of additional human capital. These benefits, however, are limited by the firm’s ability to efficiently integrate the newly recruited employees and adjust its internal managerial practices…

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Episode 79 – Claudia Gomez – The distinct nature of U.S. based female immigrant entrepreneurs

Despite contributing to host country economies, there is limited examination of self-employed female immigrants in the literature. While human, social, and financial capital are important for entrepreneurship in general, given immigrant women’s intersectional identities, the potential exists for these factors to affect them differently. This study uses US data obtained from Integrated Public Use Microdata…

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