Episode 62 – Maud van Merriënboer, Michiel Verver & Wouter Stam – Escaping the shadow of the past: historical context and generational identity work among young entrepreneurs in Phnom Penh’s nascent start-up scene

Identity work, the process through which entrepreneurs create a coherent and distinctive identity for themselves and their businesses, constitutes an important source of legitimacy. Yet while the ongoing social and spatial contexts in which entrepreneurs operate are increasingly viewed as critical contingencies for understanding their identity work, historical context is largely neglected.

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Authors – E21 – Sheila K. Hanson – The balance that sustains benedictines: family entrepreneurship across generations

The heart of family business and family entrepreneurship is the family. Challenging our current understanding of what constitutes a family is important to advance the emerging field of family entrepreneurship. In this conceptual paper, we expand previous research focus with a transactional approach to family and explore family entrepreneurship across generations using the context of…

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