Episode 64 – Alexandre Benzari – Techno-overload and well-being of French small business owners: identifying the flipside of digital technologies

Technostress is an important by-product of information and communication technologies (ICT). The technostress literature suggests focusing on specific dimensions of technostress, such as techno-overload, which describes when ICT usage demands to work faster and longer.

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Authors – E17 – Stephen Knox – Identity work in different entrepreneurial settings: dominant interpretive repertoires and divergent striving agendas

This paper examines how entrepreneurs within different settings reflect on social interactions to work on their identity. Using life story narratives, we explore a business membership network and a creative hub in the central belt of Scotland.

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Authors – E16 – Antje Fiedler – Developing venture opportunities amidst rivalry: entrepreneurs’ backgrounds and the governing role of maintaining confidence

This qualitative, longitudinal study of 12 innovative young New Zealand ventures investigates how individual entrepreneurs develop their venture opportunity amidst emerging rivalry. Two phases are identified: the pursuit of the initial opportunity, and developing it under rivalry.

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