Enterprise education

Episode 83 – Catherine Brentnall – Homogenization processes in entrepreneurship education: the case of Junior Achievement

Entrepreneurship Education (EE) programmes world-wide serve a highly standardized menu of activities for student consumption, such as pitching exercises, competitions and mini-companies. This situation has been called the McDonaldization of EE, where standard activities are adopted globally. In this paper we study the influence of Junior Achievement (JA) – the ‘original burger’ – to draw…

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Episode 51 – Sarah Dodd & Serxia Lage-Arias & Karen Verduijn – Transforming enterprise education: sustainable pedagogies of hope and social justice

Building on Alistair Anderson’s work, this paper proposes transforming enterprise education to deeply address questions of sustainability, social justice and hope in our time of multiple and complex crises. New pedagogies, practices, vocabularies and connections help us to enact crises in entrepreneurial, ethical and creative ways, enabling us to remain hopeful in the face of…

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