developing countries

Episode 58 – Hans Rawhouser & Silvio Vismara – Blockchain and vulnerable entrepreneurial ecosystems

Blockchain technology is expected to have many far-reaching effects on entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity. In this paper, we explore blockchain technology from the perspective of vulnerable entrepreneurial ecosystems. Specifically, we look into how blockchain technology is affecting six domains of entrepreneurial ecosystems identified by prior researchers: policy, finance, culture, supports, human capital and markets.

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Episode 47 – Daniel Mahn – Contextualizing the knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship: the Chilean paradox

This research uses hierarchical linear modelling to test the KSTE in a developing-country context. By trying this theory on a different setting as is usually studied, we attempt to identify boundary conditions, expanding this theory’s understanding. Results show the low effectiveness of this theory in a developing economy, suggesting that additional dimensions are needed to…

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