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Authors – E13 – Allan Discua Cruz – Understanding entrepreneurial opportunities through metaphors: a narrative approach to theorizing family entrepreneurship

The concept of opportunity is central to entrepreneurship theory. This article contributes to theorizing family entrepreneurship across generations by examining how entrepreneurial opportunities are constructed, communicated, and acted upon...

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Authors – E12 – Pablo Muñoz – Living on the slopes: entrepreneurial preparedness in a context under continuous threat

In this paper, we examine how entrepreneurs living in communities under continuous threat prepare themselves to continue with their enterprising activities or engage in new ones after the expected...

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Editors – E6 – Ulla Hytti – Associate-Editor

I am a Professor, and head of Entrepreneurship subject at the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the University of Turku.

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Authors – E11 – Sergey Anokhin – Flagship enterprises, entrepreneurial clusters, and business entry rates: insights from the knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship

Editors – E5 – Johan Gaddefors – Associate-Editor

“Johan works with research, teaching and administration. He is the coordinator for EIS, a group of about ten researchers and teachers that works with research on Entrepreneurship and Innovation...

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Editors – E4 – Natalia Vershinina – Associate-Editor

Natalia Vershinina is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Audencia Business School in Nantes, France, and she previously worked at De Montfort University and University of Birmingham in the UK.

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Authors – E10 – Dianne H.B. Welsh – How much do network support and managerial skills affect women’s entrepreneurial success? The overlooked role of country economic development

Authors – E9 – David Pickernell – Innovation and the knowledge-base for entrepreneurship: investigating SME innovation across European regions using fsQCA

Using a 2019 data set, 236 regions across 26 European countries are investigated, focusing on four, interlinked, conditions of potential relevance to SME innovation, specifically measures focused on levels...

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Editors – E3 – Maura Mc Adam – Associate-Editor

Maura is a full Professor of Management and the first Director of Entrepreneurship at Dublin City University.

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Authors – E8 – Lydia Canovas-Saiz – A quantitative-based model to assess seed accelerators’ performance

Seed accelerators are a new generation of business incubators. While the number of seed accelerators worldwide has grown exponentially, there is as yet no consensus on how to measure...

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Editors – E2 – Sarah Jack – Associate-Editor

Associate editor of Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, Sarah Jack is the Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Professor of Innovative and Sustainable Business Development at the House of Innovation, Stockholm School...

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Authors – E7 – Stephen B. Adams – From orchards to chips: Silicon Valley’s evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem

The initial development of Silicon Valley and its indigenous start-ups relied on various endowments, including abundant resources and a set of institutions and know-how inherited from previous industrial activity.

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Authors – E6 – Roman Martin – When regional meets global: exploring the nature of global innovation networks in the video game industry in Southern Sweden

For firms in symbolic (creative) industries, the region is usually seen as the main arena for knowledge sourcing and exchange. Why and how these firms use global innovation networks...

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Authors – E5 – Paul Ryan – The role of MNEs in the genesis and growth of a resilient entrepreneurial ecosystem

This article reports on a longitudinal process study of the critical role of anchor MNEs in the metamorphosis of a high-tech industrial cluster into a local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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Authors – E4 – Aki Harima – The injection of resources by transnational entrepreneurs: towards a model of the early evolution of an entrepreneurial ecosystem

Despite its rapid proliferation, the extant literature on entrepreneurial ecosystems has not paid sufficient attention to the evolutionary nature of entrepreneurial ecosystems, mainly on account of the prevailing structuralist...

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Authors – E3 – Allan O’Connor – Time and the dynamics of entrepreneurial ecosystems

In this article, we are primarily concerned with the influence and role of time on an entrepreneurial ecosystem (EE). Hence, the dynamics incorporated into the conception of the EE...

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Authors – E2 – Steffen Korsgaard – It’s right nearby: how entrepreneurs use spatial bricolage to overcome resource constraints

ABSTRACT The mobilization of resources is an essential challenge for entrepreneurs. Existing research suggests that access to standard and high-quality resources is an important condition for entrepreneurial success, yet...

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Authors – E1 – Katharina Scheidgen – Degrees of integration: how a fragmented entrepreneurial ecosystem promotes different types of entrepreneurs

ABSTRACT Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (EEs) are expected to support high growth entrepreneurship. Yet, little is known about how they actually promote entrepreneurial activities.

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Editors – E1 – Miruna Radu-Lefebvre – Editor

Editor of Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, Miruna Radu-Lefebvre is Full Professor of Entrepreneurship at Audencia Business School, France.

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Editors – E0 – Top Tips for PhD students – Alistair Anderson – EAP conference – 2019

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